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Welcome to Compass! We are an Australian & New Zealand based Virtual Airline seeking to replicate the varied operations of a major airline. We cover a wide variety of operations from long haul international flights based out of Australia and New Zealand to the Pacific, South East Asia, the Middle East, Europe Africa and the Americas, right down to short regional hops.  We also have a fully developed domestic routes along major trunk routes throughout Australia and New Zealand. Two allied divisions, Compass Express and Compass Logistics provide regional and cargo services.

These pages are detail all of the New Zealand specific information that form part of our wider Compass network. For example the schedule page details all the flights that operate in, from, to or via New Zealand. The fleet links to those aircraft with ZK registrations. The pages mirror the information on the main Compass web site, which contains information relating to the entire Compass network. In a few cases the menus redirect back to the main site for some of the larger collections of operational information. We hope you enjoy the new site, The Compass Management Team

Fleet Renewal Program Commences

Compass Airlines must remain viable in a challenging aviation market and one such means is to ensure that the airline fleet is modern, presentable, and equipped with the latest and greatest technology to please the customer base.

With the above in mind it is time to rejuvenate the Compass mainline fleet! This is a significant upgrade to the fleet and will also have effect on careers pathways for Compass pilots. Please see the details below.

Boeing 717 Replacement Program

The Boeing 717 has been the entry level workhorse for Compass crews for many years now. The 717 was essentially a continuation of the MD-90 program of which aircraft manufacturer McDonnell Douglas owned until 1997. After three different generations of the tail mount twin jet aircraft Boeing discontinued construction of the type in 2006.

The 717 does not have reasonable models available for either freeware or payware variations and with only 156 aircraft built it is unlikely to gain support from model designers.

The 717 will be sold and removed from lease respectively. It is thought that some of the aircraft will be picked up by local charter operators for use in the FIFO industry, whilst others will be purchased by indonesian operators and the occasional North American airline. There will be delisting - delivery flights available from Brisbane, Avalon, and Tullamarine respectively to various destinations.

The Embraer 175 and 195 jet has been chosen as a suitable replacement aircraft for the entry level role. There are some payware / freeware models available for crews. The GE CF34 engines are dependable and most importantly economical which makes the E jet a wise choice going forward. Delivery flights will be available for the E jet from Gavião Peixoto in São Paulo but there may be some other supply points. Further details of these deliveries will be advertised in separate posts in this forum as well as the delivery flights section of the Compass website.

Boeing 747-400 Replacement Program

The queen of the skies has been faithful to Compass since the beginning. New technology and airline competition are sadly beginning to cause the curtain to fall on this beloved aircraft. Many operators are removing the -400s from service now and given the lack of calling for the type now the predominant destination has been the Mojave desert where the aircraft are parted for scrap or pillaged for parts. For the Compass -400 fleet this is no exception, the -400 fleet will be progressively decommissioned with only a select few -400 and -400ER aircraft remaining on. The remaining few aircraft will generally support the South American routes for now but will also support the A380 where required.

Love it or hate it the Airbus A380 has won fans amongst pilots and passenger alike. It’s dollar per seat return during mainline operations has seen the aircraft win friends in the airline finance department too. Compass has entered into agreement for the purchase of 25 new A380-800 series aircraft and has placed interest in the coming A380-900 aircraft. In addition Compass has optional orders on another 10 A380 aircraft in the two-to three year time frame. In true tradition Compass will be selecting the Rolls Royce Trent 900 engine option rather than the Engine Alliance Gp7000.
Details will follow with relation to Toulouse delivery flights and special delivery flights of the A380.

Boeing 777-200LR and Boeing 777-300ER Fleet Expansion

The 777 has well and truly established itself as a dollar winner for the long haul airlines around the globe. B777-200LR’s ability cover exhaustive distances at minimal expense are tried and proven whilst the 777-300ER builds on the ability of the 200-ER with additional passenger capacity and technological improvements.

The A340-500 aircraft were thought of a as a trial type for the airline and a stop gap measure until additional B777 airframes came online. With the introduction of the new B777 aircraft the A340-500 aircraft will be sent off lease.
Compass has placed firm orders for 10 B777-200LR aircraft to replace the A340-500 fleet and will shortly make arrangements to commence the replacement of the ageing -200ER fleet with a modern -300ER fleet.

The B777-200LR and B777-300ER aircraft will be delivered from the West Coast of North America (Generally from Seattle) whilst the A340-500 aircraft will most likely be returned to France.
With PMDG Boeing 777 rumoured to be close to release, this is the ideal time to increase numbers of the type within the fleet.

Other Types for Delivery

With demand growing in the domestic sector the A320/B737 fleet will increase to provide additional support to the QLD and WA domestic markets.

B787 talks are still occurring and there is no news here, though it is thought that this type will eventually replace the B767 and A330.

We Deliver!

Delivery flight details will be available shortly on the delivery page within the pilot section or alternatively please visit our forums.

Airbus Career Path

Boeing Career Path

Indian Ocean Routes

We have been reviewing our Indian Ocean routes in tandem with our fleet review. All of these routes will stay in the schedule, however there will be some minor changes that we will introduce progressively over the next 3-6 months. These include our services to Mauritius, the Maldives, the Seychelles, Colombo and Mumbai.

Firstly most of these routes will be transitioned over to B777 operations if they are not already operated by this type. When the B787 comes online some routes may be operated by that type. In addition some services may commence operations ex-Sydney instead of ex-Perth where most of these services currently originate. A new service to the Indian Ocean island of Reunion will also be introduced.

The B763 aircraft released by this reorganisation will be utilised for a number of new South East Asian services to ports including Pnomh Penh, Vientienne and extra services to Brunei. These new services will also become B787 services in due course. Details of the new routes will be announced as they are introduced.

Join Us!

The management team at Compass have a wealth of VA and real life aviation experience. Our aim is to create the best VA in the Australian skies and to ensure you get the most out of flying for Compass. Why not join us today?

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