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Flexible Routes

On 27th June 2005 Airservices Australia implemented the Australian Organised Track System (AUSOTS). This is a system of flex tracks to improve efficiency on routes between Australia and South East Asia, India and the Middle East. The first group of tracks to be implemented are those between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to and from the Singapore area. This area includes traffic from Singapore (WSSS), Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) and Jakarta (WIII). The tracks will often suit flights to and from Denpasar (WADD) and may suit traffic to and from Bangkok (VTBD). It is anticipated that the system of tracks will be progressively increased to include specific tracks for flights to Bangkok (VTBD), India and the Middle East, as well as catering for aircraft to or from New Zealand ports overflying Australia. Tracks are also published for flights between Auckland and Perth, these are harder to obtain, we believe that they may be passed directly to Air New Zealand by Airservices Australia.

Tracks are generated dynamically and are promulgated either once or twice a day and are valid for the time period specified in the track definition message.

Compass pilots are encouraged to use AUSOTS whenever conducting a flight that can utilise this system.

The daily track messages are published here. Currently the tracks published on the site are valid for only part of the 24 hour period, however Compass pilots may plan these tracks at any time during the 24 hour period if they so wish.

AUSOTS Group B Indian Ocean routes to the Middle East can be found here

Track Structure and details

Tracks are identified by a four alphanumeric code:

Character 1 & 2 – Identifiers
Characters 1 & 2 represent the direction of the Flex Track, which is either a track between two specified airports or between an airport and an area/region
Specific Airports

  • A Auckland
  • B Brisbane
  • C Christchurch
  • M Melbourne
  • P Perth
  • S Sydney


  • X Arabian Gulf
  • Y Singapore Area of Southeast Asia
  • Z India

Character 3 - Track Number
Character 3 represents the track number for a specific track pairing. This number will generally be one (1) unless a second Flex Track is generated concurrently either to safeguard against congestion or to provide better access to other airports in the same area/region, e.g. two tracks may be generated between Sydney (S) and the Singapore Area (Y). Track 1 may capture the WIII, WSSS, WMKK traffic and Track 2 the WADD and VTBD traffic.

Character 4 - Validity Period
The validity periods for the Flex Tracks that make up the AUSOTS fall into two categories. Firstly, high density shorter range international routes with diverse scheduled departure times requiring the Flex Tracks to be generated twice daily with shorter validity periods. Secondly, the long range international routes with low traffic densities and limited departure times that require a once a day promulgated Flex Tracks with a long validity period. From an ATM perspective it is imperative (particularly in an electronic environment) that the naming system safeguards against possible confusions caused by the introduction of TDMs replacing the previous TDM with the same name. The 4th character is predominantly for the ATSP use. The fourth character will be either

:For Flex Tracks generated twice per day

  • A (meaning tracks created from the 06:00 UTC wind updates)
  • P (meaning tracks created from the 18:00 UTC wind updates)

For Flex Tracks generated once per day

  • A number from 1-7 (representing the day of the week that the Flex Track is created starting with Monday - 1, Tuesday – 2 etc.)

Tracks will be published with the appropriate designators as follows:

  1. Singapore to Brisbane YB1
  2. Singapore to Sydney YS1
  3. Singapore to Melbourne YM1
  4. Brisbane to Singapore BY1
  5. Sydney to Singapore SY1
  6. Melbourne to Singapore MY1


Future Flex Tracks may be designated as follows:

  1. Bangkok to Sydney YS2
  2. Sydney to Bangkok SY2
  3. Mumbai to Sydney ZS1
  4. Sydney to Mumbai SZ1
  5. Arabian Gulf to Perth XP1
  6. Perth to Arabian Gulf PX1
  7. Arabian Gulf to Sydney XS1
  8. Arabian Gulf to Melbourne XM1
  9. Sydney to Arabian Gulf SX1
  10. Melbourne to Arabian Gulf MX1
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