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Entering Lat/Long fixes into FMCs

When operating on one of these track systems, or in the Indian Ocean Random RNAV area, pilots will often encounter fixes given as Lat/Long values. PMDG, Level D and PSS all use the same format to enter Lat/Long fixes into FMCs. These fixes comprise 4 digits and a letter. The basic rules are:

The first two digits represent latitude (N or S)
The second two digits represent longitude (E or W)
The letter represent which quadrant the fix falls in:

  • When Lat is N and Long is E - E is used
  • When Lat is N and Long is W - N is used
  • When Lat is S and Long is E - S is used
  • When Lat is S and Long is W - W is used

The letter follows the Long digits when Long is between 00 and 99 and preceeds the Long digits when Long is between 100 and 180

Examples of these would be entered as:

20N 010E 2010E
20N 120E 20E20
25N 015W 2515N
25N 145W 25N45
30S 035E 3035S
30S 135E 30S35
35S 045W 3545W
35S 150W 35W50

The Prime Meridian is assumed to be E and the Equator is always assumed to be N. The International Date Line can be either E or W

The other fix in this series is NPOLE. SPOLE does not appear to be included. Neither pole can be reached in FS.


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